Creating an Exit or Succession Strategy

Most owners only exit a business once in their life. Every owner faces a series of decisions that can alter the outcome and every owner faces multiple opportunities. External buyers, mergers, internal transition, family succession, employee stock ownership, or a public offering are all potential options. Each has different costs and different benefits. Elgee Rehfeld will walk you through each choice and help you make the best decision.

Our Blueprint for Success Includes:

  • Building the Plan
  • Deciding an Exit Date
  • Acquiring Independent, Objective Professionals to Help
  • Maximizing the Sale Value or Succession Strategy
  • Forecasting the Post-Sale Tax Impact

Time is a Valuable Tool in Exit Planning

Eventually every owner transitions out of their business and into the next stage of their life. A shorter timeframe to plan a transition may result in a less profitable sale. Time allows an owner to refine operations for value maximization, ensures key-men and non-competes are in place, permits owners to remove themselves as much as possible from the day-to-day operations, and provides time to unfold a tax minimization strategy, especially if gifting is involved.

Are You Exit & Succession Minded?

Are you over 60? Do you have family involved in the business? It can take years to get a company ready to sell or to successfully conduct a family succession. Ask about our exit, transition, and succession blueprint process.