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Building Client Value

We build business and personal value through our professional tax planning strategies supported by a solid accounting platform producing accurate financial reports. Elgee Rehfeld is the resource owners and individuals rely on for trusted, confidential advice to create and track goals. Some of our core services include overcoming obstacles, evaluating opportunities, and closing the gap from where clients are today to where they want to be.

Client Lifecycle Support

Every business and individual has a lifecycle. Each stage contains different needs relevant to the current situation and what was once important yesterday is no longer today. Our approach adapts to the current stage proactively utilizing strategic planning, timelines, and risk tolerance. Each client receives a customized support system designed for their success.

Alaska's CPA Firm

Elgee Rehfeld is Alaska’s accounting leader. We have served clients throughout central and southeast Alaska for over 45 years. Clear communication of financial results into common sense language and providing management useful information to make crucial decisions are the cornerstones of Elgee Rehfeld services. Our expertise as an integral, objective advisor has strengthened Alaska’s business community and established many successful enterprises.

Advisors & Growth Strategists

Elgee Rehfeld delivers assurance, tax, accounting, and specialized solutions needed by clients to successfully manage their business and everyday lives. We listen, interpret, and provide clients objective insight to develop a thriving environment. We design growth plans combined with a tax strategy to leverage any potential tax benefits that exist and minimize tax liability, increasing your profitability and building value.