External Financial Reporting Services (Audit, Review, Compilation, AUP)

Our goal is to drive improvement in your financial processes. Elgee Rehfeld will customize and tailor financial reports in a format you prefer. Our team will assist in monitoring cash flow, tracking budget to actual performance, providing specialized information unique to your business, and creating reports tracking Key Performance Indicators impacting the organization. We view every engagement as an opportunity to learn from our clients and deliver the best practices we have learned from clients over the years.

Our Financial Reporting Services Include:

  • Audited & Reviewed Financial Statements Reports
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Compiled Financial Reports
  • Federal and State Single Audits
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Customized Management Reporting
  • Internal Controls Evaluation
  • Expense Reimbursement Review
  • Shared Expense Allocations
  • Bonding Requirements

Benefit Plan Audit Experience

At Elgee Rehfeld, we provide audits of employee benefit plans . Our firm is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, which provides the training and regulatory updates to keep our staff trained in the unique aspects of this practice.

Value Driven Engagements

Our firm will utilize your financial systems to produce the reporting needed to view profitability, monitor cash flow, track budget to actual performance, and provide specialized information. Our team brings the insight gained from working with many diverse clients. We make recommendations on potential process improvements or changes to refine operations. Elgee Rehfeld views every engagement as an opportunity to add value.