Governmental Regulatory Support

Elgee Rehfeld has and the experience and substantial resources to providing extensive services for the governmental sector. Our governmental experience reaches beyond accounting and auditing. We act as financial advisors to a variety of local governmental units and assist with bond issues, cost analysis, advisory engagements, and more. Elgee Rehfeld is well-versed in issues and audit requirements specific to governmental organizations. We have assisted many governmental groups in implementing Governmental Accounting Standards.

Our Services for the Governmental Sector Include:

  • Accounting, Financial Policies, Procedures Development & Implementation
  • Audits & Reviews of Financial Statements & Special Presentations
  • Allocation methodology and processes
  • Strategic & Organizational Planning

Experienced Professionals

Elgee Rehfeld is uniquely qualified to help governmental entities continue their important work. Our experience in a wide variety of not-for-profit and for-profit industries, as well as our size and depth of experience, translate into a very real advantage. Our commitment, both personal and professional, also assures we can provide highly qualified, knowledgeable guidance on issues unique to this sector.